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      But what a strange effect! Could this be that Anna. Callender who "would no more ever again seem small, than the ocean?" Is this that maiden of the "belated, gradual smile" whom the singer himself so lately named "a profound pause?" Your eyes, fair girl, could hardly be more dilated if they saw riot, fire, or shipwreck. Nor now could your brow show more exaltation responsive to angels singing in the sun; nor now your frame show more affright though soldiers were breaking in your door. Anna, Anna! your fingers are clenched in your palms, and in your heart one frenzy implores the singer to forbear, while another bids him sing on though the heavens fall. Anna Callender! do you not know this? You have dropped into a chair, you grip the corners of your desk. Now you are up again, trembling and putting out your lights. And now you seek to relight them, but cannot remember the place or direction of anything, and when you have found out what you were looking for, do not know how much time has flown, except that the song is still in its first stanza. Are you aware that your groping hand has seized and rumpled into its palm a long strand of slender ribbon lately unwound from your throat?

      The nephew joined them: "Uncle, if you'd like to borrow my horse I can go by train."

      Hot threats recurring, Gascony had turned to go, Maxime had headed him off, Italy's hand had started into his flannel shirt, and "bing! bang! pop!" rang Gibbs's repeater and one of Maxime's little derringers--shot off from inside his sack-coat pocket. A whirlwind of epithets filled the place. Out into the stinking dark leaped Naples and Gascony, and after them darted their whooping assailants. The shutters of both barrooms clapped to, over the way a pair of bull-drivers rushed to their mustangs, there was a patter of hoofs there and of boots here and all inner lights vanished. A watchman's rattle buzzed remotely. Then silence reigned.

      No, she said in a low and firm voice; I will not have it. Thebargain is made, and I will stand by it.

      The lover waited. The ship seemed to breathe deeper--to glide faster. He spoke again: "May I tell you a secret?"

      Thank you, he said, as steadily as he could. I have given you a great deal of trouble. One more question. Could I catch that vessel that sails from Liverpool to-morrow?


      Then she turned and left him.


      I am so glad you have come, she said. We scarcely hoped that you would consent, for Deepdale must be so beautiful now, andand you must be so happy there, she added, shyly. How well you lookfor the flush rose to Esmeraldas face at Liliass innocent speech, but it died away presently, and Lilias addedbut you must be very tired. I will leave you so that you can rest."Why?" daringly asked Miranda--and ran from the room.


      Oh, no; Ive got cheek enough for most things, he assented, with a sigh. Butbut Isnt sheisnt she